The lineup has been announced and the cat is out of the bag! Muckspout is a sponsor of Punk The Burbs Fest 5! So stoked to spend a couple days with some incredible bands like The BollweevilsMuch The SameCounterpunch, and Kali Masi.

You can get tickets here.

Some of my favorite shows to sell at have been concerts and a punk rock flea market, so I am beyond excited to get out there and feel that energy!


I spent a week in Austin with family and friends. While was there, I finally got to spend some time in-person with my co-writer and editor, Chuck Pineau. Let’s just say, so shit had to get broke and here’s some video for your enjoyment

I also got to spend some time with the Blister proof copy and found that there were a couple formatting alterations that I had to make. Good news is that what should be the final proof is coming to me tomorrow. I’m dying to put books in hands!


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what’s next. What’s the next comic? When does Chronicles of the Essence Guard season four drop? So, here’s what we can say right now…

FERAL PUNK #1 is in progress. The script is with our editor and we’re deciding on an art direction. More information will be coming on this one. You can get in on the ground floor by following the Kickstarter pre-launch page at

The “Essence House” podcast and book was a success, so we rolled right into a season three with “Children of the Essence” last year. We recently released a special story in between seasons, but this gap has been unusually long. We realize that. We had to break to work on other things, and take care of personal things, but we are getting back on track and planning an October start to Chronicles of the Essence Guard Season Four, which will conclude Children of the Essence and set us up to release the novelization. We are insanely excited for the future of that series.

Work is underway for a new and improved Muckspout Podcast where we’ll be discussing music, comics, pop culture, our projects. and anything related any of that.

Merch will be coming to the Muckshop as the Blister book is released publicly. Some of our first merch will debut at the Punk the Burbs 5 Festival.

I really appreciate you support. If you’re looking for more ways to connect, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or YouTube.


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