Weekend Music Binge time again! Check out the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Aisha Khan & Friends – The Magnificent Twelve

The Amazing Shakes – Vampire Girlfriend EP

Bad Nerves – Still Nervous

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse – Hot Nostalgia Radio

Bed Maker – Bed Maker

Bitter Vics – Rock ‘O’ Shell (7″ single)

Charley Stone – Here Comes The Actual Band

Cheekface – Sort Of (B​-​sides)

Cut Piece – Your Own Good

Cutters – Psychic Injury

The Empty Page – Imploding

Gaffa Tape Sandy – Hold My Hand, God Damn It

High Desert Queen – Palm Reader

Jesse Dayton – The Hard Way Blues

Lava Fangs – Sub Auroram

Lucius – Wildewoman (The New Recordings)

Maya Hawke – Chaos Angel

Ninebarks – Hellbroker (single)

The OBGMs – The Healing (single)

On The Cinder – Heavy​-​Handed

Outta Hand – (666) 666​-​6660 (single)

Punky Tunes – Still Going Strong EP

Rad Owl – Rage Gracefully

Raised on TV – Make Time To Make Time

Rubblebucket – Stella The Begonia (single)

Sarah and the Safe Word – Pornstar Martini (single)

Shannon Curtis – 80s kids

The Stone Coyotes – Play That Song Again (single)

The Stone Coyotes – Waiting for You (Acoustic) (single)

The T-Makers – The Time is Now

Varonas – V​íctimas del Ritmo

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