Weekend Music Binge time again! Check out the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Abby K – Narcissistic (single)

Blondshell – Docket (ft. Bully) (single)

Bone Haus – Rot (single)

Buzzed Lightbeer – Nuthin’ Like That (single)

CANNON – Lithium Springs (single)

Cheap City – Blue Dancers

Fast Blood – Sexual Healing (single)

Gina Volpe – Delete the World

Holiday Ghosts – Coat Of Arms

IDestroy – Headphones (single)

Jackie Hayes – Mundane Pleasure EP

Jet City Sports Club – Every Single Dream EP

Johnnie Carwash – No Friends No Pain

Klasse Kriminale / Italian Blood – Paisans (split)

Ladrones – Energia (single)

The Loyal Cheaters – Can’t Go Out (single)


Max Boogie Overdrive – Stoned Again

The Menstrual Cramps – Class War (single)

Murder Club – Night Out EP

No Guidance – Oh Hell (single)

NØ MAN – Glitter and Spit

The Odorants – Love Songs Never Die

Queer of Hearts – Rich Man’s War (single)

Rancid – B Sides and C Sides

RATSALAD. – Bent Trees & Swanny Deez

Sintesis – Vacaciones en Tel Aviv (single)

Snotty Cheekbones – A Broken Nose And The Good Fight

Softcult – Spiralling Out (single)

Sum 41 – Heaven :x: Hell

Teens In Trouble – What’s Mine

Various Artists – I Heard They Broke Up​!​! (NOFX Tribute)

VIAL – burnout

The Violent Hearts – John, I’m Only Speeding (single)

Wise Guise – Kick the Hive EP

XXsmile – Goddamn (Single)

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