Weekend Music Binge time again! Check out the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Acid Tongue – Blame It on the Youth EP

The Action! – Astronaut (single mix)

Bitchslap – Ice (single)

Bridget Kearney – Don’t Think About the Polar Bear (single)

Die In Vain – Savage New Times EP

The Dollyrots – Auld Lang Syne (single)

Dowsing – No One Said This Would Be Easy

Eaves Wilder – She’s So High (single)

Girl With A Hawk – Keep ‘Er Lit EP

Hard-Ons – Miserable (single)

Jackie Hayes – Bandaid (single)

Jesse Dayton – Baby’s Long Gone (single)

Legs Electric – Dance Like a Wolf (single)

Mike Watt + The Bobblymen – Surfin’ with the Claus (single)

More Or Les – Lil Ole EP

Nervous Kids – Back to The Start (single)

The Pine Hearts – Darkness, Baby EP

PLAIINS – Half Zombie (single)

Ratsalad. – Attack of the Ants (single)

Richie Parsons – Rhymes With Rock EP

The Speakeasy – Devil In Disguise EP

Teens in Trouble – You Don’t Want To Mess With Me (single)

Tim McCoy – Best Of Us, Worst Of Us, All Of Us

Wings of Desire – Life Is Infinite

World’s Greatest Dad – Concrete (A Love Song) (single)

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