Many apologies for being a couple months behind schedule, but production on the Blister graphic novel is finally coming to a close!

The file has passed through our editor, our proof reader, and back to me and I’m happy to report that I have a proof copy in my hand as we speak! While I’m cooking my skin by a pool in Austin, TX this week, I’ll take some time to give the book a good once-over. Pending any changes, copies will be when I get back home.

Thanks again to all who believed in this project. It’s really been a ton of work, but ultimately an incredible great journey as well.


A new episode of Chronicles of the Essence Guard! A saga spanning generations is ignited as a farmer is offered mystical assistance to combat a tyrannical monarchy, but at what cost?

This is a mid-hiatus special episode taking place centuries prior to Essence House, as well as revealing a little bit about what happens after Essence House. Children of the Essence will continue this winter with season four!

Find it on all platforms right now at…


The current Kickstarter that I’m excited for is Wendy Gayle’s Viscairian Tales: Marauders’ Masquerade #1. She and her team have put so much great work into this book. Muckspout has actually supported the book by offering digital copies of Dulce: The New Guy, and Blister: Hot for Teacher with every pledge.

Rynella Bree became fascinated, at an early age, with the skills that rogues and assassins possessed. There was something magical about what they could do, in a world where magic was against the law. She found a band of marauders (they’re really just thieves, even if they don’t want to admit it), who took her in and began teaching her the skills she so desperately wanted to learn. They became her family, but they have secrets. She may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she will soon find out what it’s like to have one in her back.

Check it out at

More news coming soon! Thanks for everything!


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