John, Ben, Eric, and Billy Mays the Third discuss how Billy used to tour as a solo musician, but now streams on Twitch. Eric and Billy recall how they met in Chicago – Billy was there for a home and bath tradeshow.

The conversation began with a brief recounting of a coffee shop meeting between the two that took place around eight months after the passing of the Billy’ father. In February 2009, Billy had recently moved out of his father’s house and into his own apartment, was awoken in the middle of the night by a knock on his door and told to evacuate the building as it was on fire. Billy managed to escape unharmed, but the speaker lost all of his possessions, including his music, collections, and studio gear. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.

In February 2009, Billy had a custom-made guitar that was priceless, but it was destroyed in a fire. Thanks to his father, the speaker was able to start over with a basic Fender Strat guitar and practice amp. This inspired them to write softer, emotionally-connected songs to process his shock and trauma. Later in 2009, his dad passed suddenly, leaving Billy unable to make music for three months. Eventually, the speaker was offered a free spot at a celebrity retreat and they used this opportunity to reconnect with.

He worked from August to November to make an album called Gently, which he considers to be the most unique thing he has ever made. He also spoke about how he sometimes retcons his music and updates the album art.

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Ben Cook (@zahrahthustrah)

John MacLeod (@comicrawk)


0:00:14   Conversation on Punk Culture, Music, and Comics

0:02:59   Heading: Reflection on Life Events Leading Up to the Release of Gently Album

0:05:00   “The Power of Music: How Losing Everything Led to a New Creative Outlet”

0:09:19   Interview with Billy Mae: Reflections on the Making of Gently Album

0:12:58   Conversation on the Power of Music and Grief

0:18:28   Conversation on Grief and Loss: Reflections on Unexpected Loss and Finding Comfort in Music

0:20:32   Conversation on the Therapeutic Benefits of Art and Music

0:23:41   Discussion on the Benefits of Listening to Angry Music in the Workplace

0:25:11   Conversation with Metal Head Musician, Bill Mays, on Grief, Music, and Celebrating His Father

0:27:20   Exploring the Legacy of Billy Maze: How a Costume Contest Led to a Nonprofit Venture

0:29:23   Heading: Exploring the Legacy of Pitch Man Billy Mays

0:31:29   Interview with Musician and Producer, Gently, on His Latest Ventures

0:32:49   Heading: Facilitating Team Building Exercises and Mouth Council Experiences

0:34:54   Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Freestyle Hip Hop Events

0:36:02   Heading: Exploring the Possibilities of an Interactive Web Series Podcast

0:38:03   Conversation on Collaborating on Twitch Streams and Community Submissions

0:39:22   Interview with Musician and Producer, Cynthia Catania

0:41:29   Exploring the Art of Improvisation: A Conversation with Drummer [Name]

0:45:40   “Exploring the Music Scene on Twitch: A Conversation with Musician and Streamer, [Name]”

0:48:04   “The Benefits of Streaming on Twitch for Musicians”

0:51:10   Conversation on Friday Night Noise and Live Streaming on Twitch

0:52:46   Heading: Logistical Challenges of Streaming a Live Event

0:54:23   Heading: Conversation with Musician Joey G about His Daughter’s Reaction to His Music

0:56:25   Conversation on Streaming, Kazoos, and Channels Album

0:58:13   Conversation Summary: Kickstarter Project and Tour for Album “Channels”

1:00:05   Conversation with Musician on Midwest Touring and Concept Albums

1:02:47   Conversation on the Pros and Cons of Albums vs. Singles

1:04:22   Conversation on Appreciation for Albums and Music Structure

1:05:55   Conversation on Album Production and Release Schedules

1:11:43   “Exploring the Creative Outlets of Musician and Artist, Eric Krasno”

1:13:28   “Exploring the Value of Music Interaction: A Conversation with Musician [Name]

1:20:26   Heading: “The Power of Channels and the Role of Grief in Music Creation”

1:23:27   Conversation on the Reality of Life and Loss

1:25:10   Heading: Transmuting Death into Power and Strength Through Creation

1:27:02   Conversation on Transmuting Death and Music with Dan

1:30:11   Conversation with Billy Maze: Transmuting Anxiety and Turning Tragedy into Beauty

1:31:59   Conversation Summary: Mute Sound at the Horseshoe Tavern and Red Merch Company’s 6th Anniversary

1:33:40   Conclusion of Podcast Episode: “The Music of Billy May” Sponsored by Stupid Rad Merch



“I wish more musicians had the same approach, the same humility, and the same kind of respect for the art itself, as opposed to being the artist. Beautiful shit can happen when you get out of your own way.” – Ben on making music

“And I realized that like, I never really thought about it before, but like, the audience is as integral to the musical experience as the music itself. And it started making me think about it in terms of like, I’m not really making the music.” – Billy on the active role of the audience

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