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“When I Woke Up on Christmas Day”

“The Christmas Waltz”


We talk with Josh Caterer of Smoking Popes about the concept of being a legendary artist, the longevity and evolution of being an artist. Josh talks about how the term ‘legendary’ is relative and only means that someone is talking about you, whether they are saying good or bad things.

He reflects on the level of success the band has achieved and how it means he is only recognized at their shows or in the genre they are part of. He reflects on the 90s when there was more of a buzz about the band and people would get weird around him.

Josh references “Punishers”, which refers to overzealous fans of a band. The term is used to describe fans who are so passionate about a band that they will monopolize their attention and won’t let them go. They will often get right in the band’s faces and enthusiastically tell them the life story of their relationship with the music. It can become even more intense if the fan has had a few drinks, as they will lose their filter.

We discussed the Smoking Pope and their reunion after 7 years. The speaker then talked about how age is strange, and how Mick Jagger is still active and putting out music at 79 years old. The conversation then shifted to Jawbreaker and how they were broken up for years and how it was exciting to see them come back together. Then the conversation shifted to Duvall, the Josh’s Christian band after the Smoking Popes, and whether or not there is a chance for a reunion or if any of the music will bleed into the speaker’s Josh Cater Trio project. The conversation ended with the speaker emphasizing that Duvall’s music is not gospel, but rather pop punk with Christian themes.

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0:00:00   Conversation with Josh Cater of Smoking Folks: Exploring Punk Culture, Music, and DIY Artistry

0:03:32   Conversation with Drummer on the Value of Anonymity in Music Projects

0:05:56   Conversation on “Punishers” – A Unique Type of Fan

0:08:09   Conversation with Josh Caterer of The Smoking Popes and Duvall

0:18:46   Heading: Conversation with Duvall’s Lead Singer, Jeff Deval, on His Faith-Oriented Music

0:21:12   Conversation with Musician: 43 Years of Musical Passion

0:23:43   Conversation with The Pope’s Lead Singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, on the Origins of Their Career and Covering “Pure Imagination”

0:31:47   Conversation Recap: Covering Morrissey’s “Everyday Is Like Sunday”

0:34:20   Conversation with Morrissey: Anthony Newly’s Reaction to Smoky Pope’s Version of “Pure Imagination”

0:36:27   Interview with Singer-Songwriter John Kastner of The Smoking Popes

0:42:01   Conversation with [Name], Singer-Songwriter on Writing, Marriage, and Political Engagement

0:45:04   Heading: “Exploring the Impact of Politics on Personal Beliefs”

0:53:31   Heading: Navigating Disorientation in a Changing Faith Community

0:56:02   Interview with Josh Smith of Smoking Pokes: Reflections on Music, Politics, and Faith

0:58:13   Interview with The Get Up Kids’ Matt Pryor on New Album Demos

1:03:16   Exploring the Creative Process: A Conversation with Josh Cater of The Josh Cater Trio

1:07:46   Conversation Summary: Exploring the Formation of My Trio and the Difference in Style from the Popes


“I came to faith in Christ in order to address the human predicament of mortality. That’s the lens through which I saw Christianity, which I think, in truth, that’s what Christianity ultimately is.” – Josh Caterer on coming to religion

“And I had never written specifically about political things, but my concern about the planet inspired me to write a song in response to the withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement.” – Josh Caterer on his song “Little Lump of Coal”

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