Proud Sheep
by Darren Fitzpatrick

The name given
To condemn our cover
To call us wrong
For our care for others
We lay our heads
And easily sleep
Comforted by
Our role as “sheep”…..

Do you who calls names
And rejects the word
Do you truly know
Why sheep herd?
To protect the young
And very old
For all, not one
The act so bold

When danger comes
They choose to amass
To protect each other
Until the dangers pass
Its natural for them
Done without thought
No selfishness
For them is taught

But yet you Question
Because of fear
That you’ll lose your rights
You hold so dear
So loyal to the herder
You’ll abandon the herd
Think for a minute
You follow whose word?

Scientists, doctors
Our intelligent guides
No, you choose a man
Who’s empire is lies
The One without the knowledge
Hoping to be cured
The weak can die off
They’ve no place in his herd

I shall choose my cover
To follow the knowing
Who herd us together
While danger is growing
To keep us all safe
The price is not steep
Just listen to knowledge
And be a proud sheep