Weekend Music Binge time again – the last one of 2023! I do believe I’ve squeezed out every last drop of new tunes in this edition. And I know, I promised last week would be the end of the holiday tunes…but I couldn’t resist sharing “Best Gift” from Jackie Starr and Dan Vitale (of Bim Skala Bim). Check out all the new music below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Bim Skala Bim – Gimme Some (single)

Bog People – Bog People

Concrete Ties – For My Family (single)

The Courettes – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (single)

Dead Bars – Jukebox Vol. 1 (single)

Emily Wolfe – The Blowback

Evil Conduct – 10 Tracks…No Bullshit

Frank Turner – No Thank You For The Music (single)

Howling Mountain – All Talk, No Play

Jackie Starr and Dan Vitale – Best Gift (single)

Kiss Disease – Wallflower (single)

Lone Wolf – Haze Wave

Malcría – Fantasías Histéricas

Plague Vendor – Rougher Than Rough (single)

Raised on TV – Road Dogs / Just Wanted to Tell You (single)

The Resignators – Rabbithole

Shybits – Blame (single)

Various Artists – England Is Mine: A Tribute To The Smiths

Various Artists – Just Did It​: Alcopop! Records Sampler ’23

Various Artists – Wiretap Records 2023 Year In Music

New Releases

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