Rui, Ralph, and Ben are members of the band Mute Sounds. Rui, the founder of the band, started Mute Sounds while going through radiation therapy for throat cancer. The band creates instrumental music that allows listeners to interpret the emotions conveyed by the music in their own unique ways.


Rui, Ralph, and Ben of Mute Sounds discuss their recent tour and the chemistry within the band. They share stories from their shows in Ottawa and Guelph, highlighting the energy and connection they felt with the audience. The band members also discuss the differences between creating instrumental music versus music with lyrics, emphasizing the freedom and creativity that comes with instrumental compositions.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Chemistry within a band is crucial for creating a tight and cohesive sound.
  2. The absence of lyrics in instrumental music allows for more creative freedom and interpretation.
  3. Embarrassing oneself on stage is necessary for growth as a musician.
  4. The band’s tour diary videos allowed fans to feel connected and involved in their journey.


  • “Chemistry is perfect between the four of us. We all understand each other.” – Rui
  • “We’re trying to make a human connection. It should be us, not just the music.” – Ben
  • “The structure is less relevant with instrumental music. It feels like a feature rather than a glitch.” – Ben
  • “People interpret songs differently based on their own emotions and experiences.” – Rui
  • “Embarrass yourself. It’s necessary for growth as a musician.” – Ben

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