Now that I’m able to move past the first trade paperback, I’m ready to introduce the primary cast of the upcoming Blister follow up graphic novel.

From left to right (front): Zoe is a sassy bad ass chick that keeps the band real and kicks the shit out of a bass guitar. Front man and lead guitarist, Blister is forever a romantic, attempting to find himself after losing a friend and girlfriend recently. Randall lends drum skills hot off of a long-term stint with his high school emo band. Last, and sort of least, Axel (rear) hangs out and hooks up cables and shit.

You’ll see a bit from them over the next several months and release information is forthcoming.

I’m really stoked to bring these characters to the page. I’ve been ruminating on which Blister story I wanted to tell next for a while, and it feels natural to continue into his college years. The first Blister tpb is based on a novel the I wrote in 2015, so it’s been a lot of fun to write my first new Blister stories in seven years.

Stay tuned!


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