Thanks for checking out the inking video of Harv from Blister: The Guilty Party.  In an effort to ensure my video isn’t taken down by the powers that be, I’ve received permission to play the following tunes during tonight’s podcast.  Thanks for listening along!

The vast majority of these clips are recorded live for Live From the Rock Room+, check it out!


Mike Herrera – Aces Up+
The Addisons – Down+
The Bombpops – Be Sweet+ – [Merch available at Stupid Rad Merch]
88 Fingers Louie – Advice Column+
Bad Cop Bad Cop – I’m Done+ – [Merch available at Stupid Rad Merch]
Smoking Popes – No More Smiles+
Big Eyes – Young, Dumb, and Bored+
The Bigger Empty – Something Better+
The Bollweevils – Predisposition+
Avenues – Thrasher+
Boney Fiend – Vegan Sponsorship
The Murderburgers – Stackers are Awesome+ – [Merch available at Stupid Rad Merch]
Amuse – Fucked Up Youth+ – [Merch available at Stupid Rad Merch]
Decent Criminal – Deviant+
The Brokedowns – Joliet, the Maui of the Midwest+
Joey Cape – Alien 8+
The Stereo – Ramona+
Typesetter – Real Conversations with Imaginary Friends+
Turnspit – Worthless+
Lights over Bridgeport – Song for Sadie+
Limbeck – Keeping Busy+
The Dopamines – Business Papers+
Josh Caterer – Off My Mind+
Showoff – I Don’t Hate You Yet+

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