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When punk band Blister split in the summer of 1995, they were largely unknown. “Wellington Punk”, as they referred to it, was a small riff in this genre’s history — not much to shout about and even less to speak of. But speak, we shall! Longtime music marketer, Eric J. Cockrell, has amped up the volume to help breathe new life into Blister, sharing the angsty account, garage band banter and hardcore observations of the band’s story.

Blister is a teenager in a punk band looking for his place in an evolving world. He thinks he’s got things figured out, but he is continually challenged by everyday issues—you know… girls, jerks, and the age-old question, “Am I punk enough?” Can one ever really be punk enough? Answers to these questions and how Blister navigates his world along with his conspiracy theorist best friend and bandmate, Harvey Schnieder, whom he refers to as a “perpetual fifth-grader” puts punk in perspective and rebellion within reach.

Blister Joins Muckspout!

During the formation of Muckspout one thing was clear, the Blister property belonged under the Muckspout label.  We’re excited to reprint the original two volumes as well as adding the upcoming third volume “Blister: The Guilty Party!”

Angela is the first story in the Blister novel, in which Blister falls for a girl at a funeral, and spends some time trying to impress her.  It also explores the inner-band dynamic between him and his bass-playing best friend, Harv, as egos conflict, with a little teen angst and a dash of planetary revolution thrown into the mix.


Punk rocker, Blister almost immediately regrets letting his band-mate Harv talk him into the publicity stunt to end all publicity stunts.  They are going to play an unannounced show on the roof of their school during the biggest basketball game of the year!

The band takes to the sky, almost literally, in this ridiculous glance into a day in the lives of Wellington’s finest punk duo, Blister.

Information forthcoming!

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