Weekend Music Binge time again! Check out the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Backyard Superheroes – At Least My Dog Thinks I’m Cool (single)

Bone Haus – In Mourning

Broken Baby – The Perfect Song (single)

CANNON – Comet’s Coming

Carly Cosgrove – The Cleanest of Houses Are Empty

Chubby and The Gang – The Bonnie Banks (single)

Cliffdiver – dayz gone + black lodge breakfast burrito (limited time only) (single)

The Cretins – We’re Gonna Get So Old

Death By Unga Bunga – Dogs of Hell (single)

The Decemberists – As It Ever Was, So It Will Be Again

Ekko Astral – holocaust remembrance day (single)

Fräulein – Sink or Swim

The Fuzillis – Pickle Swap (single)

Hayley and the Crushers – Alleyways (single)

Hockey Dad – Rebuild Repeat

The Hollywood Stars – Starstruck

HotLung – In Spite Of

J Prozac – Obsession

The Jasons ​/ ​Ratbones – Blitzkrieg Blasphemy – Split EP

Johnny Foreigner – The Sky and Sea were Part of Me (or I was Part of Them)

Killing Pixies – I Kissed a Girl (single)

Linnea’s Garden – Chaotic Bisexual Summer (single)

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – ¡Blow it​…​at Madison’s Quincea​ñ​era!

The Murlocs – Live at Teragram Ballroom

Que Dios Te Lo Pague – ¿​Eres creyente? EP

Seb Lowe – Personality Test (single)

Snow – Wannabe (single)

split system – Force Field (single)

Stand Still – Steps Ascending

Velma – Don’t Wanna See You Again (single)

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