Weekend Music Binge time again! Check out the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

9 O’clock Nasty – Bad Monkey (single)

About Bunny – 7 to 11 (single)

The Accidentals – Cover Art

Apes of the State – Forensic Files (ft. Local News Legend) (single)

Arcadia Grey – Casually Crashing

Backyard Superheroes – Mass Hysteria (ft. Coolie Ranx) (single)

Bad Beat – LP 2024

Brainpuker – White Man In America (single)

Bring The Light – Building Chaos

The Bug Club – Quality Pints (single)

Coruscants – A Rotation Late And A Credit Short

Coruscants – Get You Home

Dan-e-o – Vigilante

Delilah Rose – Ceasefire! (single)

Ducks Ltd. – When You’re Outside (single)

Eat Defeat – My Money’s On Me

GRLwood – I Pledge Allegiance (2Girlpen15) (single)

Handheld – Live At 25

Harper Kill – A Taste of Harper Kill

Heartwells – DOOMER (single)

Hot Water Music – Vows

Indoor Pets – Pathetic Apathetic

Kings of Leon – Can We Please Have Fun

Loud Graves – The FOOL (single)

The Maggie Pills – GOLD (single)

The Peawees – Plastic Bullets (7″ single)

Pokey LaFarge – Rhumba Country

Powerman 5000 – Abandon Ship

Raising Ravens – Motives EP

Ryan Cassata & The Top Surgeons – This Machines Kills Transphobia

Scott Lavene – Disneyland In Dagenham

Shannon & The Clams – The Moon Is In The Wrong Place

Slaughterhouse – State of Emergency (single)

Sorry Mom – But I’m a Quarterback (single)

THICK – Mother (single)

Tom Baker ft. Justine Covault – You’re Still Standing There (single)

Various Artists – With love from Alcopop! vs Counter Intuitive Records

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