Weekend Music Binge time again! Check out the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

30footFALL – National Treasure.​.​.​And Other LaForgeries EP

ARXX – Crying In the Carwash (single)

Bendigo Fletcher – Two Things at Once

Carpool – My Life In Subtitles

Carsie Blanton – After the Revolution

The Celebrities – Redd Karpet

Flamango Bay – Mascara EP

Good Pash – Supermoon (single)

Gossip – Real Power

Hilltop Rats – Life You Lead

Infinite Third – Holy Noise

Itchy & the Nits – Worst Of

The Jesus and Mary Chain – Glasgow Eyes

Mega Ran & Jermiside – The Lure Of Light

Rain on Fridays – Cry It Out (single)

Restorations – Restorations

Rosie Tucker – UTOPIA NOW!

Sick Day – Overexposure EP

Siouxie & the Skunks – Songs About Cuddles

The Stolen Moans – Dada Catapult (single)

Sweetie – Showgirl (single)

Terra Rouge – So Fucking Over It

THICK – Father (single)

Totally Slow – The Darkness Intercepts

VENUS GRRRLS – Bloodsick (single)

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