Weekend Music Binge time again! Two big ones for me this week, the new Laura Jane Grace and Pet Needs albums, along with a bunch of Valentine’s Day stragglers. Check out ALL the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Aquatico – Aquatico EP

Bloodshot Bill and King Khan – Tandoori Knights

The Bonstones – I’m Ready For Love (single)

BOOF – Self (En)Titled

Bridget. – Damage Reversal EP

Brixton Alley & Boof Heads – Young Dreamers (single)

Carsie Blanton – Cool Kids EP

Cherym – Take It Or Leave It

Chipsum Gravy – The Good, The Bad And The Gravy

Dori Freeman – New Orleans (Acorn Version) (single)

The Drowns – Blacked Out

Ducks Ltd. – Harm’s Way

Friko – Where we’ve been, Where we go from here

GayC/DC & Betty Blowtorch – Touch Too Much (single)

Hot Laundry – Made Like This (single)

Housewife – I Lied (single)


Lambrini Girls – God’s Country (single)

Laura Jane Grace – Hole In My Head

The Lousekateers – No Prom Tonite (single)

L.S. Dunes – How Dare You (single)

The Margaret Hooligans – Royal Octopus Canal (single)

Mega Ran – I Am Black History (single)

Pet Needs – Intermittent Fast Living

Ramona Sky – Losing Myself (single)

Screaming Females – Clover EP

Septic and the Tanks – Septic and the Tanks

Shadow Show – Fantasy Now!

Shooting Daggers – Love & Rage

Slaughter Beach, Dog – I’m In Love (single)

Suzie True – Angel Baby (single)

Talk Show – Effigy

This Way North – Punching Underwater

Toxic Frogs – Let Me Jump EP

Various Artists – A Tribute to Blink-182, Pt. 2: Fund Music, Fight Cancer

The Umbrellas – Fairweather Friend

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