Weekend Music Binge time again! This week features a double-shot from one of our regulars, The Anti-Bodies – one of them is the theme song for a great-looking new comic called Dead And Still Dying (funding now on Kickstarter at this link). Check out all the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Acumen – MARK VII

A-F-R-O – New Colonel in Town EP

The Anti-Bodies – Dead And Still Dying (single)

The Anti-Bodies – That Kevin Smith Club (single)

Broadway Calls – Coming After You! EP

Cheekface – It’s Sorted

Coffee Breath – Coffee Breath

Ess (blending Beastie Boys & A Tribe Called Quest) – The Ill Marauders LP

The Gems – Phoenix

Heavy Seas – Distortion Days

Jesse Dayton – Night Brain (single)

Lucius – Housewarming (The New Recording) (single)

Mega Colossus – Showdown

The Menstrual Cramps – Abortion (single)

Militarie Gun – Life Under The Sun EP

NewDad – MADRA

Raffaella – Live, Raff, Love (Act II)

Raised On TV – The Wind and the Sea (single)

Ricky Rochelle – Cannibal Island Resort EP

The Scumbags – Give A Fuck (single)

Siouxie & the Skunks – Mushrooms (single)

Talk Heavy – The Montreal Screwjob (single)

Together Pangea – Badillac B-Sides, Vol.1 EP

Violin – Violin EP

Willi Carlisle – Critterland

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