Okay, who made this diss track?

No good deed goes unpunished. Oh yeah, you’re still asking “You got beef with who?” or “Who the fuck is Lakeshore Lover?” Both good questions. Like everybody else on the fucking planet, fuck if we know. Let me Google it and catch up with you in the second paragraph.

Ok, hold up. I might need to catch you in another paragraph, Google didn’t turn up much, neither did Wikipedia. I’m not surprised.

Ah, here’s something, found out that he’s a rap personality that has a narcissistic podcast about his bunk career in the 90s. Now that I think about it, I do remember hearing a rap song about Christmas from this little guy a couple weeks ago and politely shooting him a message asking if he’d be interested in performing it live for our Christmas podcast. This “Plato of Rap” couldn’t join us though because he had to pick up his kid from school. He then tried to push his little song on us to play in his absence.  When we didn’t play it we got the track above within 20 minutes of releasing the episode.

That’s the real story.

Anyhow, we love Greg, so we had to share this amazing inside joke. Here’s his Christmas song as well as a link to his Lakeshore Lover podcast. Please give him a listen so that we can be cool again.


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