Weekend Music Binge time again! As we get closer to the end of the year, I’m throwing in a few not-as-recent tunes from 2023 that haven’t been featured yet, to make sure you still get plenty for your weekend fix. Check out the new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Asha Jefferies – Keep My Shit Together (single)

Big Scary Monsters – 2023 Sampler

Boob Sweat – Sorry! We’re Open EP

Cherym – It’s Not Me, It’s You (single)

Cobra Spell – 666

Deer Tick – Hit Kringles EP

The Dreaded Laramie – Breakup Songs (single)

Drunken Sailor Records – 2023 Sampler

Gangstagrass – Sugarplums and Whiskey: A Gangstagrass Holiday Album EP

(hed) p.e. – Detox

The Hedrons – Tired Of Taking

Hoity-Toity – So Below EP

Indie Clarke – The Indie Clarke EP

Jittery Jack with Amy Griffin – Tonight’s The Night

Liposuction – Boring Residue (single)

The Lonely Surf – Happiness (single)

Lothario – Hogtied / King Rat (single)

Moka Only – Martian Xmas 2023

Rocking Owl – Watch the World Burn EP

Sandrider – Aviary​ / ​Baleen (single)

Sweat – Blood n Tears EP

Twat Union – UTI (single)

VIAL – ur dad (single)

VideoX – Don’t Listen EP

Whoroboros – Consuming and Being Consumed EP

New Releases

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