Okay, Weekend Music Bingers – you know the drill by now! Check out some new tunes below, and sound off about what you’re listening to…

Amanda Palmer & The Righteous Babes – The Last Day of our Acquaintance (single)

The Anti-Bodies – Shave The Day (single)

Berthold City – A Moment in Time

Borracho – Blurring the Lines of Reality

The Butts – Terra Nova (single)

Cheekface – Plastic (single)

Crow Baby – Little Mug (single)

Dusty – She Makes My Skin Crawl (single)

Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Data Doom

A Giant Dog – Bite

Helle – Sweetheart (single)

Housewife – King of Wands (single)

Jeff Rosenstock – HELLMODE

Just Friends – Gusher

Lael Neale – I’ll Be Your Star (single)

Mannequin Pussy – I Got Heaven (single)

MattstaGraham – Got The Autism (single)

MxPx – Find A Way Home

Nerdlinger – Semi Sorry (single)

OUTTACONTROLLER – Gotta Get Out (single)

Pacifica – Change Your Mind EP

Speedy Ortiz – Rabbit Rabbit

Taking Meds – Dial M for Meds

Thelma and The Sleaze – Holey Water

Trout – Colourpicker EP

Tube Alloys -Magnetic Point

Various Artists – Bananaz: A Ska Punk Tribute to Gorillaz (Rudy Reboots)

Various Artists – Invading The Border

Various Artists – Still Stubborn, Volume 6

Various Artists Wellsville Records Presents.​.​.​Channel Surfing

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