We sit down to chat with a favorite indie creator, James Burton, about his work and how music has influenced him and his series Damage Inc.

James Burton is the creator of Damage Inc., a comic book that combines punk rock, supernatural creatures, and explosive action. With a background in role-playing games, James brings his unique storytelling style to the world of comics.

Summary: James Burton, creator of Damage Inc., joins the Muckpout podcast to discuss his new comic book and the inspiration behind it. He shares how his chaotic upbringing and love for role-playing games influenced the characters and storyline of Damage Inc. The conversation delves into the punk rock attitude of the comic, the intertwining of music and comics, and the process of creating a comic book from start to finish.

Key Takeaways:

  • Damage Inc. is a comic book about friends who form a club to hunt down supernatural creatures and metahumans for bounties.
  • The characters in Damage Inc. are loosely based on the people James Burton grew up with and played role-playing games with.
  • James Burton does most of the work on his comic books himself, including artwork, lettering, and writing.


  • “Who would want to read something without mom jokes and grenades?” – James Burton
  • “The bigger jerk [Gage] is, the more hits he’s going to take, the less hits the rest of his friends take.” – James Burton
  • “I spent three decades being the GM for my gaming group, and the structure for creating a role-playing game experience isn’t very different from creating an outline.” – James Burton

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