Contributing to the Punk Scene: Jason Herbert on Marketing and Guerilla Promotion

Eric and Ben discuss community building and how marketing fits with DIY culture with Jason Hebert of Rebel Force.

Jason is from Sudbury, Ontario, a small town with a legendary reputation for punk rock and local music. They compare it to Seattle in the 90s, noting that it lacks media attention but is full of undiscovered gems. They also mention the Townhouse, a legendary venue for bands traveling through Sudbury. In general, the conversation is focused on punk culture, music, and DIY.

The speaker got involved with the local punk rock scene when they were 14 years old. The speaker’s first goal was to play one show and eventually they started meeting people and putting on shows. As they got more involved, they passed the torch on to the next generation. They don’t remember exactly who passed the torch to them, but they remember the big names in the scene at the time that were organizing everything.

The conversation is about two friends, Kevin Mason and the speaker, who used to organize punk rock shows in the late 90s and early 2000s in Sudbury. They would put up posters to advertise, using letters cut out from magazines since they didn’t have a computer or printer. They also organized an annual event they called the Fuck School Show, which caused a lot of trouble with school administrators. The conversation also mentions a girl named Amy who was in the same room as the two friends for some of the shows.

The conversation is about how to organize a show in a local scene. The speaker talks about how they used to coordinate shows in Sudbury before social media was a thing. They had a network of contacts and venues that they worked with to put together shows. They also mentioned how they did design, marketing and promotion for the shows. They also talk about how punk rock has a bit of a secret attitude towards it and the speaker mentions how guerrilla marketing and street teams were used to promote shows.


Listen to select songs from bands mentioned in this episode, if you’re into that kind of thing.


Eric Cockrell (@erbomuck)

Ben Cook (@zahrahthustrah)

John MacLeod (@comicrawk)


0:00:07 “Exploring Punk Culture with Jason from Rebel Force”
0:02:56 Interview with Punk Rock Scene Organizer: Passing the Torch
0:04:23 Conversation Summary: Reflections on Early 2000s Punk Rock Scene in Sudbury, Ontario
0:06:06 Conversation on Coordinating Local Music Events and Guerrilla Marketing Strategies
0:10:40 “Exploring the Pros and Cons of Modern Music Marketing”
0:12:10 Conversation on Social Media Strategies for Music Bands
0:14:04 Conversation on Portugal. The Man and Music Discovery
0:18:16 Heading: Impact of Increased Music Scene on Local Shows
0:20:07 Conversation on the Changing Music Scene in Smaller Cities
0:21:27 Interview with Drummer, John Smith: Reflections on His Musical Journey
0:26:49 Conversation Recap: Playing the Elmo Combo Venue in Toronto
0:28:50 Reflection on Overcoming Performance Anxiety: A Drummer’s Perspective
0:30:24 Conversation on the Importance of Drummers in Music
0:33:48 Conversation Recap: The Formation of Insipid, a Band of High School Friends
0:35:50 “The Power of Music: A Story of Friendship and Overcoming Fear”
0:40:10 Conversation with Musician: Plans for Future Shows and Working with Greg Nori
0:41:54 Heading: Recording at Greg Nori’s Studio with Neve Console
0:43:42 Heading: Conversation with Jair about His Friend Joining the Foo Fighters
0:46:18 Conversation About Music and Musicians
0:48:17 Recollection of a Punk Rock Show: Choke and Attack in Black
0:50:03 Conversation Recap: Experiencing the Pressure of Playing with a Band You Admire
0:52:52 Conversation Recap: 2 Hours Traffic’s Rise to Fame at Laurentian University
0:54:16 Building a Music Scene: Networking, Community, and Punk Shows
1:00:19 Exploring the Disconnect Between Venues and Music Creators in Toronto
1:01:31 Heading: The Importance of Supporting Local Music Scenes
1:04:33 Heading: Conversation with Jason from Rebel Force Marketing on Music Scene in Toronto
1:06:31 Interview with Muckpout: Discussing Music, Comics, and Upcoming Events

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