If you could only take one comic with you for an eternity in Hell, Belial #3 is my recommendation. The book picks up from the end of the previous issue with Belial having recently taken out a couple apocalyptic horsemen and going after Death on his way to dethrone Lucifer and take back his place as the true ruler of hell.

Issue three takes full advantage of having a base laid for it previously and is a meaty issue from start to finish. The character relationships are treated with a lot more heart than you’d expect from this kind of book, and they are all dynamic with a ton of growth.

The stories that began two issues ago are interwoven masterfully, and the final conflict’s resolution is perfection.

Also, the book is funny as fuck.

I’m gonna drop the link here and you’re gonna back it because you like to support bomb shit from amazing people.

Stay tuned to the Muckspout podcast next week where we’ll be speaking with the creators of this book about how music influenced their work and their beautiful covers.

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