Okay admittedly I saw there was a new Mountain Dew and rather than read about how to get it, I just assumed it was in wide release. So I checked my local grocery stores for weeks as I did my weekly shopping. And on a recent short road trip, I made stops at several gas stations, hoping to finally snag this elusive mother fucker. Gas stations typically have the best selection of Mountain Dew. Anyhow, that was a bust.

Then my girlfriend mentioned that she had heard somebody say they had found it at a Dollar General. Well, actually she had mentioned that weeks ago, and I listened, but I did not follow up because it felt absurd that a Dollar General would have a name brand soda that no other store appeared to have.

Turns out that is the exact case. If you want Mountain Dew Maui Burst, you gotta get your ass to a Dollar General store. And if you are a big fan of the Mountain Dew brand, then you will want to check this shit out.

I’m not going to pretend to be some snobby food reviewer. I don’t have a sophisticated palette, and if I did I wouldn’t have the fancy vocabulary to even describe it. I can just tell you that if you like tropical flavors then this shit is good. The company says it is “Dew with a blast of pineapple flavor with other natural flavors.” The best description I can give is like a pineapple drink with a hint of Baja Blast. It’s refreshing as hell. A perfect summer drink.

The best news is that for now it is a permanent staple at Dollar General, and at $1.00 for a 16oz can, it’s worth a try.